Using the lovely range of colours that I have developed over the years, these are designed to be enjoyed every day. 

These are all available to buy at The Artists' Gallery near Ludlow

 Bird Feeders
These are my hanging bird feeders, available in various colours.
They come supplied with a hook for hanging and wooden perches.
Approximate size - 36cms high
Please note - the top is fixed on but can easily be filled through the holes. 

 Yarn Bowls
Perfect for knitting and crotchet
(10-12cms high x 15cms diameter) 
These are made from the same weight of clay but they will vary in size and shape.

In different sizes and colours
Small - £24
Large - £40

 Plant Pots 
Normally sold with the plant. 
Available in any size and colour

From £24

 Oil Drizzlers
These come with a rubber cork and stainless steel drizzler.
Available in different colours with an unglazed band round the middle.

  French Butter Pots
I read about these and decided to have a go at making them.
Fill the pot with butter and then put a small amount of water in the keeper and put the lid back on. The water creates a seal against the butter so you can keep the butter out of the fridge and it stays fresh.

Tried and tested!

 Egg Cups
These are the egg cups in my new design. They come in different colours with a thin unglazed band round the middle.
£9 each 

 Hand sanitiser/soap dispensers
Hand sanitising in style!
I made a couple of these to use when we reopened the Gallery and I had a lot of comments and requests for them, so here they are, in different colours, with a hand design sprigged on.

And when this is all over, they will be perfect for hand soap!
Coming soon with stainless steel pump