I began making pots in 1988 and after a ceramics degree in Bristol, I went on to open Redland Pottery in 1993, a small shop/workshop in Redland, Bristol.

In 2004 I had the opportunity to have a workshop and also to live on the beautiful Hampton Court Estate in Herefordshire where I stayed for 2 years.

In 2006 I moved a few miles down the road to my new home in the market town of Leominster where I converted the cellar into a workshop and now spend most of my days down there making pots.

Nearly all of my pots are made on a wheel using white earthenware clay. The pots are then decorated using coloured slips and various techniques including painting, sponging, dipping and sgraffito. Once dry and decorated they are fired to 1000 degrees in my electric kiln. They are then dipped in a transparent glaze and re-fired to 1100 degrees for the finished pot.

My aim is to produce pots for people to use and enjoy every day.

The pots prefer to be washed by hand but they are suitable for the dishwasher. They can be put in the microwave but they are not ovenproof.