All sizes are approximate. Being handmade, the pots will vary slightly.

(h = height   d = diameter)

All the pots are available in the following designs 

From left to right, top to bottom:                                                                                          


COW     SHEEP     PIG       COCKEREL       DOG



Please note: I do not have all the pots in all the designs, in most cases, it will need to be made to order, so please allow at least 2-3 weeks if ordering.

Small - £12     (8cms h x 7cms d)
Medium £14    (9cms h x 8cms d)
Large £16       (11cms h x 9cms d)

 Small - £14      (225ml)
 Medium - £18   (550ml)
 Large - £24       (1ltr)

  Cereal Bowls - £16 each
 (6cms h x 15.5cms d -  500ml) 
 Side plate - £14          (18.5cms d)
 Breakfast plate - £18 (23.5cms d)
 Dinner plate - £24      (26.5cms d)
 Biscuit barrel -  £36
(19cms h x 12cms top diameter)
Large storage jar - £28
(16cms h x 12cms top diameter)
Medium storage jar - £24
(13cms h x 11cms top diameter)
Small storage jar - £18
(11cms h x 10cms top diameter)
  Spoon Rests - £12 each
  (13cms d)
 Eggs for breakfast

Egg cups - £6 each
Egg holder - £18
(Sideplate - £14)
  Wall Clocks - £36  (25cms d)

 Fitted with a german quartz movement
 Will hang on a nail or picture hook

 (different sizes and different colour rims can  be made to order)

 Utensil pot - £24 
(14.5cms h)
Soap dispenser £28
(22cms h)
Garlic pot - £20
(10.5cms h x 9cms top diameter)
  Oil drizzler - £ 28  (20-25cms h)
 Salt pig + spoon - £28 (14cms h)
 Cruet set - £18      (8cms h)
 Square Plates - £14 - £28  
Made using press moulding and slump moulding
  Coasters -£6 each
 Fruit bowl - from £36
(This example is 9
cms h x 24cms top diameter)
These are not a standard size, I weigh out the clay and see where it goes!
I can however do specific sizes to order.
 Yarn bowls - £45 
(10-12cms h x 14-15cms top diameter)
As the fruit bowl above, I weigh the clay but they will vary in size. 
Perfect for knitting and crotchet

 Plant Pots
Large -    £32
Medium - £24
Small -    £18

I do in-between sizes priced accordingly

 Butter Dish
Finally, after many requests, I have started making rectangular butter dishes. This is press moulded from my own mould and will hold a 250g pack of butter.

Can be made to order in any design.

Teapots come in 3 sizes and are available in any of the designs.

Small -    (2-3 mug size) £32
Medium - (4-5 mug size) £38
Large -    (about 6 mug size) £42

 Lamp base - from £45

Can be made in any design and to any size
Bird feeders
Available in a variety of colours and comes supplied with a hanging hook and wooden perches
£45 each
Approximate size -
36cms high x 32cms top diameter
Please note - the top is fixed on but the feeder is easily filled through the holes